Why take part in Human Politics?

People, groups, organisations…
  • Do you support the principle that economic policy should promote human wellbeing, including environmental sustainability?
  • Do you favour collaboration between different campaigning organisations to help to achieve this?
  • Are you interested in the idea that a new way of measuring economic activity – one that prioritises human wellbeing over money transactions – could contribute to better economic policy?

If so, we would like your support. Giving your name and email address does not commit you to anything, but allows us to send you further information and updates by email. It also helps to leverage the support of others. Knowing that a certain number of people are listening and engaging helps to bring other organisations and funders on board. The project grows in impact in direct proportion to the number of people who express their support.

If your group or organisation would like to participate in the Human politics project, please get in touch.

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